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The Magic of Yukon Summer
Join us on this unusual journey to the heart of the culture and culinary developments in the Yukon and take part the most extraordinary events of the year, the Adäka Cultural Festival or the Moosehide Gathering. These world-class, iconic festival showcase, celebrate, and foster the development of Yukon’s diverse and distinctive First Nations arts and culture.

Tour including the Adäka Cultural Festival
7 DAYS  -  JUNE 28 - JULY 4  2024

Tour including the Moosehide Gathering
8 DAYS  -  JULY 23 - JULY 30  2024



Adaka Festival and Moosehide Gathering

Cultural Festival

Join the incredible celebration of Indigenous arts and culture as it rises each summer along the banks of the Yukon River.

wild medicinal and edible plants

Traditional Workshops

Explore  the use of wild medicinal and edible plants of the north for everyday life health with a local herbalist and healer.

Keith Wolf Smarch indigenous artist

Meet and discover how First Nations artists all over the territory combine their unique visions with ancient traditions.

Nordic Hot Springs spa in the Yukon

Nordic Spa

Come and soak in the four luxurious rock pools containing natural hot springs water at Yukon’s only hot springs spa.

Credit Bonton & co Yukon Culinary

Culinary Experiences

Discover why the Yukon’s culinary scene is one of the most unique in the world right now and participate in a dinner with private chef.

Adaka Festival

Indigenous Culture

Immerse yourself in the warmth of community with storytelling events, cultural performances, and and live art crafting.

map of the Yukon Culture and Culinary tour

The Adäka Festival

Adäka means “coming into the light” in the Southern Tutchone language. The Festival is committed to shining a light on the creative spirit of Yukon First Nations people, helping to preserve and revitalize their arts and culture. 

The Moosehide Gathering

We reach Moosehide Village by boat to take part in this indigenous biannual cultural event. The gathering is a harmonious celebration of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in culture and a kaleidoscope of Indigenous traditions, welcoming everyone to partake in its vibrant tapestry. 

Lynn Feasey

Artistic director and consultant for artists, government and arts organizations  

With a life-long passion for arts, culture, travel and adventure, Lynn has worked with hundreds of artists for over 20 years.


While she has lived, travelled and worked around the world, most of her joy and expertise are owed to the unique relationships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and arts organizations throughout Canada’s spectacular Northern Territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut).  


She is known for her creative projects, including the award-winning Canada’s Northern House, the pan-territorial Olympic Pavilion for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, NWT Days for Winterlude, and Yukon’s own Adaka Cultural Festival, and her innovative arts strategies, including the NWT Arts Brands, and the newly minted Yukon First Nations Arts Brand.


Lynn is honoured to share her experience and love of Yukon’s people, art and culture with you!

Nordic Spa in the Yukon

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Adaka Festival Storyteller

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