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Provence is the most ravishing corner of France, charged with art at every turn. The region’s perfect light and landscapes drew the most important artists in Europe. The glamour and style of the Riviera also attracted the glitterati - from  Grace Kelly to Kate Moss, it has a long history of art and its appreciators.





Cezanne's Landscapes

Born in Aix-en-Provence he masterfully painted hundreds of oil and watercolors here. Visit his home town and learn how he captured the very soul of Provence.

Following Van Gogh

Live and breathe Van Gogh’s works. It was in the heart of Provence that he created his most vivid landscapes and portraits. It is said that the sunlight in Provence changed the way he saw light and color forever.


Experience the rich culture of Provence firsthand at one of the many festivals and international events. There is something for everyone - Jazz, Opera, Ballet and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Artist Villages

Visit the intricate villages of Provence and the Riviera and experience the origins and lifestyles of artists, new and old.


Stay in style, enjoying a luxury hotel located in an organic vineyard. Surround yourself with contemporary art, fine wines and delectable cuisine.

Perfume Museum

Meet with a local perfumer, learn about the history of scents and work together to create your own personalized fragrance.

And of course, our signature dose of art museums, gourmet cuisine, healing therapies and much more...

Paul & Vincent

Fathers of Modern Painting

Jimson Weed, 1936
My Front Yard, Summer, 1941
Blue and Green Music, 1921

Now considered to be two of the most influential figures in Western art, their time spent in Provence was frustrating. Battling conventional artistic values and beliefs they struggled to gain the exposure they craved in a world of Impressionist painting. They met in 1873 and influenced each other’s art for over 30 years. The symbolism they drew from their surroundings has since shaped the modern art scene.

Paul Cézanne

Both Van Gogh and Cezanne lived and loved in Provence. Much of their art is influenced by the pastoral landscapes, beautiful architecture, and the ethereal light that exists in this magical place. Visit landscapes that inspired the greats and admire the beauty from their perspective. From endless fields of wheat to the town of Aix-en-Provence.

Photos courtesy of The MET Open Access Collection


Walk amongst Cezanne’s favourite things in his perfectly preserved studio. Enjoy a tour of his home and feel his presence in the birthplace of dozens of his most famous works. Outside, visit the Sainte-Victoire Mountain - the subject of his ongoing obsession and nearly 100 of his paintings. Appreciate his genius through a new lens after seeing the magnificent panoramas for yourself.

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