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& Giving Back

When philanthropically-minded women travel together they get inspired, witness results, and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Michelle Sitbon
PTM's Women’s Philanthropic Travel Specialist

Why Women’s Philanthropic Travel?

I personally curate travel experiences for philanthropically-minded women and organizations with a strong focus on women philanthropic projects, local experiences and art. We travel together and connect with local women who are doing amazing things for their families, communities, and the world as a whole.

Member of the Canadian Tour Guide Association of B.C.


Michelle’s great passions are travel, food, art, and women-led philanthropy projects. She grew up volunteering and contributing to community betterment, and she takes these deep-rooted passions to custom curate philanthropically-focused tours for women today. Aside from her career in travel, she lives in Vancouver BC with her husband and 2 children. 


Michelle has personally tested and experienced every aspect of the art tours to ensure the very best for our guests. Each tour is customized to reflect the interests of our visitors and private, personalized tours are available on request.



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