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& Giving Back

My role as a curator of travel experiences for art organizations with a strong focus on art and cultural immersion is meaningful and impactful. By facilitating connections between travellers and local artists who are integral to their communities, I  create a unique and enriching travel experience that benefits everyone involved.

Michelle Sitbon
PTM's Art Travel Specialist

Why Art Travel?

Michelle's great passions for travel, food, and art have converged beautifully in her career. She graduated from art school, which laid the foundation for her deep-rooted love for art. Today, she leverages these passions to custom-curate art-focused tours for museums and other art-related organizations.

These tours not only provide art enthusiasts with immersive experiences but also serve a greater purpose. Michelle's programs support artists in communities by showcasing their work and giving them a platform to share their talent with a wider audience. Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds from these tours goes toward educational art programs in art institutions, further fostering the growth and appreciation of art.


Michelle grew up volunteering and contributing to community betterment, and she takes these deep-rooted passions to custom curate philanthropically-focused art tours for today.

Michelle's work allows her to share her love for art and contributes positively to the artistic community and the broader world of culture and education. Her dedication to these passions undoubtedly enriches the lives of those who participate in her tours and supports the ongoing development of artists and art institutions.


Aside from her career in travel, she lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and 2 children. 


Michelle has personally tested and experienced every aspect of the art tours to ensure the very best for our guests. Each tour is customized to reflect the interests of our visitors and private, personalized tours are available on request.



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