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Art and Nature Retreat

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4 DAYS  -  23-26 MAY 2024 - $3595CAD

Join us for an extraordinary experience - the inaugural "Symbiosis 2024" Art and Nature Retreat. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Audain Art Museum nestled in the heart of Whistler, British Columbia, this four-day retreat promises a unique opportunity to forge a deep connection between art and nature.



Indigenous Culture

Discover the deep-rooted connections between Indigenous culture and age-old traditions.


Traditional Workshops

Designed to foster inspiration, imagination, and artistic expression our workshops will offer the chance to connect with fellow participants who share your passion for art.

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Explore the interplay between Art and Climate Change in this illuminating discussion.


Exclusive Studio Visits

Step into a realm of artistic enchantment at the studio and witness firsthand the fusion of artistry, advocacy, and reverence for nature.


Culinary Experiences

Enjoy Pacific Northwest cuisine,  with an exceptional fusion of culinary influences.


High-End Accommodation

 Fairmont Chateau Whistler combines classic elegance with modern alpine style and complete resort facilities.

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Private VIP Guided Tour

In this exceptional opportunity, join Dr. Curtis Collins, a visionary curator, who will be your guide, offering unparalleled insights into the Special Exhibitions. 

A highlight of this journey is the awe-inspiring art work "The Dance Screen," a monumental creation by the acclaimed Haida artist James Hart. This remarkable red cedar wood sculpture is a three-meter-tall testament to artistic mastery and ecological urgency. It conveys a compelling message about the declining wild salmon population and its pivotal role in the delicate ecosystem.


The sculpture beckons viewers to acknowledge the salmon's plight and honour its crucial place in the Pacific Northwest Coast's way of life through its intricately carved figures drawn from Haida narratives.

James Hart, The Dance Screen (The Scream Too), 2010-2013 Image by Mirae Campell

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As you traverse the indoor galleries and embrace the open outdoor spaces, you will find yourself in an environment perfectly poised to facilitate introspection, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Artwork pictured: Xwalacktun, He-yay meymuy (Big Flood), 2014-15 Image by


Our thought-provoking panel brings together an eclectic group of artists, environmentalists, and curators to explore how art serves as a catalyst for raising awareness, inspiring action, and fostering a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding our changing climate.

As the world grapples with the undeniable effects of climate change, artists respond with a heightened sense of responsibility, using their diverse mediums to capture the emotions, narratives, and experiences of environmental transformation. Museums are sharing the effort by opening their doors to provide a unique avenue for conveying the impacts of climate change on both the environment and humanity.

What challenges and ethical considerations do artists navigate when addressing climate change, and what are the potential tensions between artistic representation and the objective reality of environmental crisis? How did art sabotage in museums become a way to manifest and inspire action and awareness? How do Indigenous peoples, among the first to notice climate change, develop the critical knowledge for navigating and adapting to it in their art? Through thought-provoking insights, our panel will try to answer these burning questions as we examine some cases from the Audain Art Museum's past and future exhibitions and other worldwide exhibitions.

Join us for an illuminating discussion that celebrates the profound impact of art and its ability to shape the narrative of our shared future.

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Credit: Fairmon / Tal Vardi

Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

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