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Living and breathing upscale art and travel

I plan and curate every tour with your high expectations in mind and host your tour to ensure a smooth and perfect experience.

Michelle Sitbon
PTM's Art Travel Specialist

What is

Art Voyage?

The Art Voyage Collection represents a unique harmony of art, travel and luxury. Curated by art travel specialist Michelle Sitbon who has a deep passion for unique destinations involving magnificent artworks and culinary experiences. Her local connections allow for exclusive, behind the scenes opportunities and VIP experiences.

Member of the Canadian Tour Guide Association of B.C.

Michelle’s great passions are travel, food and art. She has been lucky enough to pursue her passions in life - completing a Bachelor of Art in 1996 and is also a certified travel advisor. In her early years, she left her native Israel to live in New York and follow the art and culture scene. This has left her with a deep love and understanding of the vibrant US art world. Now married and a mother of two, she lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Michelle has personally tested and experienced every aspect of the art tours to ensure the very best for our guests. Each tour is customized to reflect the interests of our visitors and private, personalized tours are available on request.







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