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Philanthropy Accessible to All


Art Voyage was born out of a shared passion for traveling the world. But, the pandemic clipped our wings and, by the time we were able to resume our travels almost normally, the way we traveled had changed forever. People no longer travel to the same old destinations, and social purpose has become one of the determining factors when choosing a destination.

People are now more interested in choosing a destination in need of tourism, rather than all-inclusive luxury travel. From that, philanthropy tourism was born.


Philantourism is a new trend emerging in the wake of the pandemic, where people choose unknown, small and local destinations. We’ve started to prioritize our privacy, the personalization of our experiences and the ability to help when traveling, making our trips unique and renewing adventures.


Art Voyage offers small tour sizes that offer maximum privacy and completely customizable experiences that align with your passions and interests. Our philanthropy tours support underserved women-owned businesses through guided cultural tours, and culinary and art experiences.


Ready to experience a different way to travel?


With Philantourism,

change the world one trip at a time.




An amazing journey into rich Israeli human, cultural and culinary traditions that date hundreds of years.



Aside from the festivals, haunted happenings, and world-famous foods, connect with the people and organizations who are bringing positive change for the local people and the world.



An amazing journey in the most culturally rich, wildly colorful and light-filled cities in Mexico.

Interested in Philantourism at a different location? No problem! Please contact me to custom-design a philanthropic tour for your group.

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