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Where art and history collide, Israel is home of the most museums per capita in the world. Among these, the Israeli Museum boasts the largest collection of Judaica art in the world. This unique travel experience offers visitors hands-on opportunities to appreciate this tapestry of culture through workshops, demonstrations and intimate receptions.
Desert Wineries

Visit wineries in the sordid land of the desert, some based on historic 1500 years old terraces still used by the owners to grow their vines.

Art Galleries

Israel is the art centre of the Middle East. Discover the spectacular range of art from ancient archeological sites to contemporary galleries.

Historical Sites

Discover the unique UNESCO recognized World Heritage sites of Masada and the Nabatean Incense and Spice Route

Artist Villages

Visit Ein Hod, one of the world's only villages inhabited solely by artists on the slopes of mount Carmel.


We stay in style in the most unique accommodations, located on the tip of a crater in the Negev Desert or looking over verdant fields and the Mediterranean Sea.

Traditional Cooking Workshops

Discover traditional cooking techniques that have been practised for hundreds of years and were passed on from one generation to another.

And of course, our signature dose of art museums, gourmet cuisine, healing therapies and much more...


The Origins of a World Trend

Jimson Weed, 1936
My Front Yard, Summer, 1941
Blue and Green Music, 1921

The Israeli culinary trend is thriving globally, from best-selling cookbooks, to documentaries and of course new restaurants opening in major cities around the world. Our trip takes you to the source where you will learn to cook from one of Israeli most influential chefs at his home in the  one of the most beautiful village of the galilee region. You will also participate in one of a kind food tour guided by experts in the fields of traditional preservation technique.

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